Saturday, April 2, 2016

April 2016 Update

So I was reading the blog to the boys last night, and the absolutely loved hearing about themselves, and begged me to do another post.  I interviewed them, and below is what they said.  I added in some of my thoughts and memories too.  Hopefully we can be better about keeping this updated!

Austin almost 11 months
He has 6 teeth that came in within 1 week (around 7 months old)
He army crawls all over the place.  He uses mostly his left arm and right leg.  It's pretty cute.
He can stand for a couple seconds, and absolutely loves it.
He puts his arms in the air if you say "superman!"
He loves to dance to any music
He loves chocolate
He says buhbuhbuh for "bye bye" and waves his hand
He says "ah du ah du" when he's all done
He says Hi and waves with both hands
He sleeps really well taking 2 naps/day
He wakes up super happy
Favorite Foods: pizza, yogurt, bagels, puffs, yogurt melts, crunchies, cheerios, packets of fruit/veggies, pears, apples, cream cheese
Loves his walker and runs in it outside on the driveway
Chews on his thumb
Loves his seahorse that plays music
He loves his bear (on the wall in his room)  and says goodnight and good morning
Loves baby Einstein
Loves when his brothers tickle him and walk him all around
Loves to hug mommy
He loves balls.. he will say ba ba ba
Loves daddy and says da da da
He loves the swings and the slide
He sings before bed
He loves feeling the wind in his face

Jordan - almost 6 years old
Favorite Food - Nutella, mac n cheese, yemon (lemon)
Favorite Restaurant - Diner with daddy (boys only) and McDonalds
Favorite Ice cream - Chocolate with sprinkles
Favorite thing to do with brother - Legos, go pick out toys at CVS
Favorite Show - Alvin and Chipmunks
Loves playing on the IPAD - watching youtube kids and subway surfer
Loves bobbleheads
Love going to hockey and basketball games with dad
Love going to the movies
Loves all night lego parties with Nana
Just let daddy shave his head - they look like twins
Best Friends - all his beach friends - but his whole family is his real best friends
Loves to pray before meals - Thanks God for everyone and everything
Kindergarten teacher is Mrs. Clemens - and he loves her
Really into school and tries very hard
Favorite Book -  Lego City - calling all cars
Loves both his brothers and plays with Austin as much as he'll let him
Favorite things with Emily - hanging out at her house with Liam and Gobe
Favorite things with Dad - Wrestling, movies, pillow fights, read books, sleepovers, pushups
Favorite things with Mom - Movies, Date nights, cooking/baking, looking at pictures, reading the blog
Doesn't like working in the yard, but he says he has to
Don't like eating dinner - only yummy stuff
Don't like sleeping - but he has to
Loves sleeping with Landon
Don't like throwing up

Landon  - almost 6 years old
Just got a mohawk
Favorite Foods - Eggs, brocolli, pasta, chicken, bagels, cream cheese and Jelly sandwich, mac n cheese, Mozzerella balls
Favorite Restaurant - Jules and Red Robin
Favorite Ice cream - Strawberry, Vanilla, Raspberry, Mint, Cookies and Cream, Mix
Favorite thing to do with Brother - Go outside and go on adventures, Legos
Favorite Show - Jurassic World/Jurassic Park
Loves playing on the IPAD - race car games (watches YouTube videos)
Loves the game Trouble
Favorite things to do with dad - wrestle, work outside, going on adventures and going camping
Favorite things to do with mom - watch movies, date nights, shopping, going to the beach
Loves lego nights with Nana
Best Friends - Tyler, Trent, Hailey, Kylie, Hailey from school (GF), Casey, Graham and Isaiah
Favorite Book - anything with Legos, and animal books
Loves to pray before meals - Thanks God for everything and everyone
Loves to play with Austin - carry him around, and make him do superman
Doesn't like when him and Jordan fight
Don't like when Jordan touches his expensive stuff
Doesn't like when legos get broken
Doesn't like dinosaurs and cheesy chicken
He thinks soda is spicy

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Baby Austin's First Month

Austin had a great first month!  He made it just in time to celebrate Daddy's birthday, Jordan and Landon's birthday and Mother's day!  My parents were in town for all of this too and helping us with the transition to 3 kiddos.  The boys really enjoyed the time with Grandma and Papa and had all kinds of fun!  Grandma and Nana got to go to the Mother's Day celebration at preschool... here is the video we were sent while waiting to go in for the C-Section.

We were discharged after 2 nights at the hospital, and on our way home, we had perfect timing to stop by and watch the boys play T-ball.  They were so excited that their new brother came to cheer them on!

The day we came home was also Eric's birthday!  We celebrated that night with a nice home cooked meal and an ice cream cake!  The next day was Mother's Day and we celebrated with Grandma and Nana which is rare to have everyone together!!  Then on Tuesday was the boy's birthday party.  We had family over and enjoyed them riding their new bikes and opening some great presents!  Overall the first week was very eventful and Austin did great through all the festivities.

Uncle Adam and Aunt Lynds couldn't wait for the girls to meet Austin.  Emma is wonderful with him and really enjoys holding him and taking care of him.  Nora likes to look at him and "hold" him as well!

Austin's 2 week appointment went very well.  He is growing quickly and gaining weight as expected. He was up over 10 lbs at this appointment, so we didn't have to come back until the 1 month check-up.

Aunt Keri, Uncle Drew, Jack and Karly came to visit at the very end of the first month!  There were some big milestones including his first real smile (the day before he turned one month) along with sleeping a 5 hour stretch and only getting up 1 time during the night!  I really appreciated that, and although we keep going back and forth between being up 1 or 2 times through the second month, he is making progress on sleeping through the night!  Austin enjoyed all the extra cuddles and kisses during the visit!!

Austin had another great appointment for his one month check-up.  Austin weighed in at 10 lbs 3 oz 50% for weight and 25% for height!!  So far he is much bigger than the boys and growing quickly!  We were able to stop by the gym on the way home and meet all of the people who were so encouraging during the pregnancy. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Welcome Austin Red!!

It has been forever since I did any blog posts, but now that we have a new little one, I wanted a place to share about his arrival and development!

Eric and decided last year to try for one more little bundle and we got pregnant much faster than we thought!  Our planning wasn't great as my due date ended up being May 2, 2015.  Baby boy ended up making his appearance on May 7, 2015 which means all 4 boys have birthdays within 6 days of each other!  That is one crazy week that usually has Mother's Day mixed in too!

Austin is now 7 weeks, but I'd like to back-up and share how he made his grand entrance into this world.

My doctor's agreed to let me try to deliver naturally even though I had a C-section with the boys.  I was hopeful through the entire pregnancy as I felt great and even did Crossfit up until the day before delivery.  I was looking forward to a quicker recovery and experiencing the miracle of a natural birth. Well, God had other plans, and we ended up going in on May 7th for my scheduled C-section.  As a last ditch effort, they had me come in early that morning and broke my water to see if the baby would come naturally.  After 8 hours and not progressing at all, the doctor decided it would be best to have a repeat C-section.

I was quickly wheeled back for the C-section and prepped.  Eric came in fully dressed in scrubs and ready to go.  We didn't find out the gender before, and I was so excited to find out if we were having a little girl or boy.  As they began to deliver the baby, the anesthesiologist put a mirror up so I could see the baby.  At first I was quite shocked, but it was so amazing to see the baby coming out!  First his head popped out and he was screaming already, and he had so much dark hair.  It was a bit shocking at first, but quickly I asked if it was a boy or girl.  Eric made a joke that you can't tell by the hair!  As they got the rest of him out, the doctor quickly pointed out that we had another little boy! They quickly cleaned him up and handed him to Eric.  Instead of rushing him back to the nursery like they did the boys, they pushed him back to our delivery room and Eric got to do some skin to skin with him right away.

Once I was finished with the surgery, they wheeled me right back to the room and I was able to nurse immediately.  It was such an amazing experience to hold and nurse the baby immediately after surgery.   Soon after that, we were able to introduce Austin Red to the boys!  They were so excited to meet him and have a new baby brother.  Both my parents and Eric's parents came in after that, and then Uncle Adam and Aunt Lyndsay got to meet Austin all before he headed back to the nursery!

The hospital stay and recovery was short and easy.  Austin was a great eater and sleeper from the beginning.  Even though the experience wasn't exactly what I was hoping for, it ended up being perfect for us.  We were able to bond so quickly and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

3 Years Old!!

The boys just turned 3 and I wanted to share some fun stats and info about them.  I can't believe how fast time has flown by and how big they are getting.  I couldn't love them any more, and the same can be said of thier daddy :)

Jordan David
Height: 35.6 IN (5%)
Weight: 27 LBS (5%)
BMI: 18%
BP: 92/48

Favorite Foods
Fruit Snacks
Cream Cheese

Favorite Toys
Matchbox cars
Soccer Ball

Favorite Sayings
Mommy come too!
Move to new house.
No, Landon
I pooped on big boy potty (when he goes in his diaper) :)
I love daddy
More tickle!

Landon William
Height: 34.25 IN (3%)
Weight: 26 LBS (3%)
BMI: 36%
BP: 84/46

Favorite Foods
Eggs (all times of the day!)
Fruit Snacks
Ice Cream (like Grandpa!)

Favorite Toys
Golf Clubs

Favorite Sayings
I love mommy
Jordan bad!
Where's lovie?
I go potty (and he is potty trained!!)
Daddy not go to work?
I have boo boo!
Daddy get me!

Here are some pics from our fun filled May!

Excited for the train ride!

Big Boy Jordan

Crazy Boy Landon

Momma with her 3 year olds!

Ready for lunch?!

Here comes the train!

Love our Nana!

We also had some excitement that day!  When momma wasn't watching, Landon threw his shoe on the track!  The nice conductor went down and got it for us before it was run over by the train!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Catching up

I know it has been forever since I did anything with this blog.  Life just got busy and complicated, so it was hard to keep up.  We have had some exciting times over the past year, and I'll just share some small snippets of how the boys have grown and some of the fun memories that we made.  I'm going to try to share more often so when the boys are older they can look back and see all the memories we made as a family. 

I'm also making this blog private since the boys are getting older and I don't want just anyone to come on here and see what is going on.  Please e-mail me if you'd like to keep checking back in on us :)  I will be making this private in the next couple days.

Here are a ton of pictures starting with this past weekend and going back to last summer!  I hope you enjoy the catch up!


Baby Pics