Saturday, April 2, 2016

April 2016 Update

So I was reading the blog to the boys last night, and the absolutely loved hearing about themselves, and begged me to do another post.  I interviewed them, and below is what they said.  I added in some of my thoughts and memories too.  Hopefully we can be better about keeping this updated!

Austin almost 11 months
He has 6 teeth that came in within 1 week (around 7 months old)
He army crawls all over the place.  He uses mostly his left arm and right leg.  It's pretty cute.
He can stand for a couple seconds, and absolutely loves it.
He puts his arms in the air if you say "superman!"
He loves to dance to any music
He loves chocolate
He says buhbuhbuh for "bye bye" and waves his hand
He says "ah du ah du" when he's all done
He says Hi and waves with both hands
He sleeps really well taking 2 naps/day
He wakes up super happy
Favorite Foods: pizza, yogurt, bagels, puffs, yogurt melts, crunchies, cheerios, packets of fruit/veggies, pears, apples, cream cheese
Loves his walker and runs in it outside on the driveway
Chews on his thumb
Loves his seahorse that plays music
He loves his bear (on the wall in his room)  and says goodnight and good morning
Loves baby Einstein
Loves when his brothers tickle him and walk him all around
Loves to hug mommy
He loves balls.. he will say ba ba ba
Loves daddy and says da da da
He loves the swings and the slide
He sings before bed
He loves feeling the wind in his face

Jordan - almost 6 years old
Favorite Food - Nutella, mac n cheese, yemon (lemon)
Favorite Restaurant - Diner with daddy (boys only) and McDonalds
Favorite Ice cream - Chocolate with sprinkles
Favorite thing to do with brother - Legos, go pick out toys at CVS
Favorite Show - Alvin and Chipmunks
Loves playing on the IPAD - watching youtube kids and subway surfer
Loves bobbleheads
Love going to hockey and basketball games with dad
Love going to the movies
Loves all night lego parties with Nana
Just let daddy shave his head - they look like twins
Best Friends - all his beach friends - but his whole family is his real best friends
Loves to pray before meals - Thanks God for everyone and everything
Kindergarten teacher is Mrs. Clemens - and he loves her
Really into school and tries very hard
Favorite Book -  Lego City - calling all cars
Loves both his brothers and plays with Austin as much as he'll let him
Favorite things with Emily - hanging out at her house with Liam and Gobe
Favorite things with Dad - Wrestling, movies, pillow fights, read books, sleepovers, pushups
Favorite things with Mom - Movies, Date nights, cooking/baking, looking at pictures, reading the blog
Doesn't like working in the yard, but he says he has to
Don't like eating dinner - only yummy stuff
Don't like sleeping - but he has to
Loves sleeping with Landon
Don't like throwing up

Landon  - almost 6 years old
Just got a mohawk
Favorite Foods - Eggs, brocolli, pasta, chicken, bagels, cream cheese and Jelly sandwich, mac n cheese, Mozzerella balls
Favorite Restaurant - Jules and Red Robin
Favorite Ice cream - Strawberry, Vanilla, Raspberry, Mint, Cookies and Cream, Mix
Favorite thing to do with Brother - Go outside and go on adventures, Legos
Favorite Show - Jurassic World/Jurassic Park
Loves playing on the IPAD - race car games (watches YouTube videos)
Loves the game Trouble
Favorite things to do with dad - wrestle, work outside, going on adventures and going camping
Favorite things to do with mom - watch movies, date nights, shopping, going to the beach
Loves lego nights with Nana
Best Friends - Tyler, Trent, Hailey, Kylie, Hailey from school (GF), Casey, Graham and Isaiah
Favorite Book - anything with Legos, and animal books
Loves to pray before meals - Thanks God for everything and everyone
Loves to play with Austin - carry him around, and make him do superman
Doesn't like when him and Jordan fight
Don't like when Jordan touches his expensive stuff
Doesn't like when legos get broken
Doesn't like dinosaurs and cheesy chicken
He thinks soda is spicy


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